Canada's Most Scenic Train Ride Goes Right Through Quebec And It's Absolutely Magical

The most beautiful way to travel through the Maritimes.
Canada's Most Scenic Train Ride Goes Right Through Quebec And It's Absolutely Magical

When you talk about Canada's most scenic rail trips, what probably comes to mind is the rocky mountain view in Alberta and B.C. and exploring western Canada's intense natural beauty. Many seem to forget that there's a whole other side of the country that offers amazing views, unforgettable scenery and breathtaking moments.

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One VIA rail voyage that is packed-full of neverending beauty is "The Ocean", which explores the vast scenery of Eastern Canada. Most of the train ride is through Quebec, which isn't surprising at all considering the endless wonder the province offers. 

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You board the train in Montreal and begin travelling East, incredible natural landscapes and kilometres of wildnerness are what you see in Northern Quebec up until you reach New Brunswick. From there your view is dotted with lighthouses and  the sea front all the way until you reach your destination, Halifax. The train stops in front of the famous clock tower, allowing you to learn more about the historical structure and downtown Halifax.

Although there are a few other Quebec train routes, this is by far the best one available to take. You get to explore all that Eastern Canada offers and because the train ride is only a one day/one night excursion, you're only going to see the most amazing things along the way. 

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Since Quebec is the host for more the half of the ride, you get to see some pretty amazing scenery such as Rivière-Du-Loup's historical qualities and the deep blues of the St. Lawrence, and Mont-Joli's breathtaking cliffs. These are places you never would have imagined seeing in your own province!

"The Ocean" is definitely a train ride you want to take at least once in your life, you haven't explored Quebec fully until you have!

You can find out more information about VIA rail's "The Ocean" HERE.

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