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Canada's National Anthem Ranked One Of The Most Moving In The World

O Canada, you really are the best!
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Canada's National Anthem Ranked One Of The Most Moving In The World

Canada and Canadians are basking in the glow of glory following the Toronto Raptors' historic victory last night. Defeating the Golden State Warriors to become NBA 2019 champions, the Raptors are the first major Canadian sports team to win a championship since 1993.

The whole country has rallied around the team in the days leading to this monumental moment. Who could forget when the entire Scotiabank Arena erupted in a rendtion of O Canada for Game 5 of the finals?Videos of the event quickly went viral.

Now, fresh off this victory, the Canadian national anthem has been ranked one of the "most rousing" in the entire world! A study commissioned by Calm, a sleep assistance app, "measured the effect on 'Pre-Sleep Arousal Levels' of listening before bed on successive nights to the music only," according to a post on the Calm website.

Only the American "Star Spangled Banner" and Germany's "Deutschlandlied" ranked above Canada's "O Canada." Though rousing, O Canada isn't exactly a song that's good for sleep. Its swings and climaxes keep the listener tuned to its rolling rhythm, according to one researcher.

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In fact, O Canada is only the 7th "most calming" anthem of those studied. The anthems of the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Scotland, and Australia are all more soothing than that of Canada.

Only the anthems of 10 countries were included in the study. But it is perhaps impressive that Canada's national song ranked above those of European colonial powers, who often have anthems that reflect their historically conquering attitudes.

Canadians, sing that anthem loud and proud — we're NBA champions for heck's sake! 

You can read the full report from Calm here!

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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