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Canada's New $10 Bill Has Only Been In Circulation For One Day And People Already Have Problems With It

The new design has sparked quite a bit of controversy already.
Canada's New $10 Bill Has Only Been In Circulation For One Day And People Already Have Problems With It

Canada's new $10 bill featuring the image of Viola Desmond was just put into circulation yesterday. Some are calling the addition a major step forward, as Desmond was a civil rights pioneer in Nova Scotia in the 1940's. 

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TL;DR After Canada's new $10 bill entered circulation yesterday, it quickly stirred debate. Some people have already formed strong opinions about it, particularly its new vertical design. While some people believe it's a much needed change, others are frustrated.

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With the new bill only being in use by the country for about 24 hours (meaning some areas haven't even received it yet), you'd think we wouldn't really be able to form any strong opinions on it right now. Well, that's where you're wrong.

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It seems as though some people already dislike the new bill, not because of the inclusion of a new face on our currency, but because of its orientation.

Yes, Canadian Redditors have already begun to bash our new cash for its vertical design, which seems to stand out from the rest of our horizontal money.

Responses to the original complaint vary, with some people agreeing, and others being totally for the change. It's even been speculated that all Canadian money will eventually change to vertical, as it seems to make more sense.

One redditor made the argument that the vertical design makes the most sense, since when money is handed to you it's typically positioned vertically. So the new design just allows for the image of Viola Desmond to be seen from the right perspective, rather than sideways. 

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It seems like Canadians either love or hate the new bill. Who knows what Canadian currency has in store for the future or what new additions will be made soon. 

How do you feel about Canada's new $10 bill? Let us know!

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