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Canada's Official Tulip Festival Spring 2019 Dates Revealed

Dates have just been announced for the 2019 edition of the Canadian Tulip Festival.
Canada's Official Tulip Festival Spring 2019 Dates Revealed

Nothing says "winter is over" like seeing tulips pop up a little all over the place. The resilient bulbs are a sign that the snow is melting for good and that warmer days are on their way.

I think that seeing photos of tulips makes us excited for this very reason — they're a sign that good things to come.

So imagine our excitement when we found out that the Canadian Tulip Festival has released this year's dates, and they're closer than we thought.

TL;DR Ottawa is hosting the "Canadian Tulip Festival" again this year, from May 10 to May 20. Browsing through last year's photos are making me seriously excited for spring.

The festival is located only a few hours from Montreal, in Gatineau, right outside Ottawa. The Canadian Tulip Festival, which is entering its 66th year, will take place between May 10 and May 20.

The festival is known for its gorgeous selection of flowers. Just look at these photos from last year.

It's definitely an insta-worthy event.

I am now SO EXCITED for spring to be here.

@cdntulipfestembedded via  

I'm in love.

This is definitely a fun and different way to spend a spring day. There are over a million flowers in bloom accross four locations, and a host of fun activities.

Last year, the festival included a photo exhibition and outdoor yoga, in addition to "theme days" that celebrated countries famous for their tulip cultivation.

This is definitely something to add to your calendar!

Stay tuned for more news about the Tulip Fest.


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