Canada's Spring 2019 Forecast Looks Really Bad For Half The Country

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Canada's Spring 2019 Forecast Looks Really Bad For Half The Country

Today is the first official day of spring 2019 which means it's time to find out what the season has in store for Canada. 

Over the last few weeks, Canada has been hit with various temperature anomalies which caused some mini “winter heatwaves”. As a result several heat records were broken in the western side of the country. Meanwhile the eastern side had normal or below seasonal temperatures for the most part. 

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So what can we expect for spring 2019?

Well actually, it looks like we will be getting more of the same. One half the country will have an awesome spring and the rest is expecting a really bad one. 

According to The Weather Network, we can also expect some "chilly interruptions" which sounds a lot more adorable than it actually is.

Here is the forecast for every region:

Via theweathernetwork

British Columbia and the Prairies - Good

Above average temperatures are expected, but periods of "cooler and unsettled weather" will still occur. There is also a heightened threat for flooding because of the rapid snow melt in the alpine regions.

Ontario and Quebec - Bad

March will include several days of colder weather, but we can expect a typical spring this year. There is a high risk for flooding especially for Ontario cottage country and the Ottawa Valley.

Atlantic Canada - Bad

Consistent spring warmth will be delayed followed by alternating periods of warm and cold temperatures. Colder than normal temperatures are expect in the north and a high threat for flooding.

Northern Canada - Good

Above average temperatures are expected in most areas except for Iqaluit. Above normal precipitation is expected across the Yukon with near normal temperatures in the rest of the region.



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