Canada's Tiniest Town Is The Most Adorable Village Ever (9 Photos)

Total population: 4
Canada's Tiniest Town Is The Most Adorable Village Ever (9 Photos)

If you were to guess-timate how small Canada's tiniest town is, you would probably be WAY off. 

That's because some of you probbaly have more roommates than there are residents in this little village. 

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It's called Tilt cove, and it's is located just southeast of Baie Verte on Notre Dame Bay in Newfoundland

Total Population: 4!

And the last remaining residents aren't planning on moving any time soon. 

I'm sure you're curious what it's like living a in a town of only 4 people, so here's everything you need to know about life in Canada's tiniest town 

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1. The residents are: Margaret Collins, her husband Don, her brother and her sister in law. 

2. Margaret is the town clerk, Don is the mayor, and the others are town consillors. 

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3. Tilt Cove started off a mining town. It was founded in 1813, and the first mine opened in 1864 .

4. In 1916, the population peaked when 1,500 people were living in the tiny town. 

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5. The entire town only has 2 streetlamps. 

6. Their town is the last road in the Province of Newfoundland to be plowed. That will make you think twice before complaining about how long snow clearing takes in Montreal. 

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7. The village includes a community museum, and back in the days it used to have a nightclub, a curling rink, a bowling alley and even a movie theatre. 

8. There is no internet! (They probably just steal wi-fi from the next town.)

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9. When the movie Ant-Man came out, Marvel studios shipped the world tiniest billboard to Canada's tiniest town. (What is this, a billboard for ants!?)

10. The mine in Tilt cove is filled with zinc, copper and even Gold! I guess now we know why the residents aren't planning on leaving. 

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