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Canada's Via Rail Is Giving Out Free "Coast To Coast" Passes

You've never seen our country like this!
Canada's Via Rail Is Giving Out Free "Coast To Coast" Passes

There's nothing quite like the old-school romance of taking a long train ride. A big part of a trip is the journey getting there, and few modes of transport can compete with the experience of riding a train.

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Sure - you could hop on a short flight to get to your destination, but all your going to see is a bunch of clouds until you reach your point B. Taking a plane feels like hopping into a transporter, whereas taking a train truly makes you feel like your on a journey.

Via Rail has all kinds of great deals and promotions - especially for students - to try and promote railway travel. And you can practically get anywhere in Canada on a train.

This year Via Rail is turning 40 and to celebrate they are offering a very special contest. Via Rail has repurposed the steel from a retired train wagon and transformed them into 40 very special tickets that are all up for grabs, all you have to do is enter the draw!

The winning prize: a coast to coast ride (or to any destination) in Via Rails Revolutionary and one-of-a-kind Panoramic cars.

The windows stretch from floor to ceiling so you can experience and take-in the Canadian landscape in all its glory. A little preview, check the image below.

@viarailcanadaembedded via

Entering the contest is super easy, all you need to do is visit the VIARAIL40 page HERE and enter some basic information and hit 'enter'. That's it, that's all! Good luck, and hopefully - happy travels.

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