Canada's Wonderland Is Opening The Biggest and Fastest 'Dive' Roller Coaster In The World (Videos)

The tallest and fastest "dive" roller coaster is set to open in Canada's Wonderland on May 3rd, 2019. 

The famous amusement park announced plans to construct the coaster, dubbed the "Yukon Striker," last year to great excitement among coaster enthusiasts.

"Be exhilarated by Yukon Striker's epic journey high above the park's skyline where you'll hang over a 90-degree drop for three breathtaking seconds, staring 245 feet down into an underwater tunnel."

"Then suddenly you dive, reaching speeds of 130 km/h and soaring through four dynamic inversions, including a complete 360-degree loop – the only one of its kind for a dive coaster. Be prepared for the ride of a lifetime," the Canada's Wonderland website reads.

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TL;DR The "Yukon Striker," called the tallest and fastest dive roller coaster in the world, will open in Canada's Wonderland on May 3rd, 2019.

Upon its opening, the coaster will hold three world records:

1. "The fastest dive coaster at 130 km/h (80 mph)"
2. "The longest dive coaster at 3,625 feet (1,105 metres)"
3. "Tallest dive coaster at 245 feet (75 metres) — includes underground"

Canada's Wonderland also released an artist's graphic depiction of the ride. You can watch that video below:

The most terrifying part of the journey is perhaps the plunge into the underground section, with a large slab of concrete looming above the entrance to the cave.

There's an even more frightening point-of-view video that captures the pulse-pounding drops:

To heighten suspense, there's a 3-second pause before the coaster takes its dive.

This is sure to become a national summer attraction and the destination of many a thrill seeker's pilgrimage.

Visit the Canada's Wonderland website for more information and to buy your tickets!