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Canadian Couple Hunted And Stalked By Group Of Aggressive Polar Bears

At least 10 polar bears were seen in that area on the same day.
Canadian Couple Hunted And Stalked By Group Of Aggressive Polar Bears

Canadians are no strangers to crossing paths with wildlife across the country. Sometimes the event can be breathtaking and provide an opportunity to really understand the animals of Canada more, other times it can be a fight to survive and a truly nightmarish experience.

The latter is definitely the case for the Canadian couple visited by a group of Polar Bears while they were staying in their summer home.

According tothe Weather Network, the polar bears terrorized the couple for hours, even leading to property damage and attempting to hunt people in the neighbourhood.

Thankfully, the couple did survive the dangerous situation, but not without emotional trauma and fear.

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TL;DR A Canadian couple from Labrador received an unwelcome visitor when a group of polar bears began terrorizing their property. The bears were clearly aggressive and attempted to hunt down the couple before being scared off. At least 10 bears were seen in the area that day.

The terrifying encounter began in a cabin, owned by the Dyson couple, in Batteau, Labrador. 

As the couple sat down for breakfast, two polar bears were seen on a nearby property. The bears had already seemed aggressive: one was looking through windows of the home and the other at the door of the house.

The bears were quickly scared off with the sound of a snowmobile. No one would have been able to guess that the bears would be returning shortly, this time more angry and impatient.

Less than half an hour later, one of the bears showed up at the Dyson's cabin. Despite banging on the windows and shouting in an attempt to scare the massive polar bear away, this only made it more aggressive.

The bear is said to have begun growling, hissing and hunting down the couple while they were inside their home. Needless to say, it was a traumatizing experience.

The bear had even ripped off a piece of the Dyson's snowmobile with its teeth. There's no doubt that the animal was prepared to fight for its hunt.

The couple repeatedly fired gunshots into the air to scare the animal away, to no avail. Luckily, the Dyson's neighbours who owned the cabin next door were able to drive the bears in the surrounding area away.

It was later in the day when the couple went to visit friends that they were told the aggressive polar bear returned to their property in search for them.

Other witnesses in the area say that up to 10 polar bears were seen in the area at once and that it's pretty common this time of year.

Although the couple and their neighbours made it out alive, the memory of the horrifying bears remains. 

There's no word on what has happened to the polar bears that terrorized the area, and whether or not they have returned for another attempt to hunt.


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