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Canadian Driver Was Just Arrested For Launching His Tesla Into A 100-Foot Jump (Video)

Tesla's are truly cars of the future. Functioning completely off of electic energy, you'd assume it's amazingly built from the inside-out and able to survive a lot more than your typical gasoline-run car.

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Well, this theory has just been confirmed. Tesla's can acturally fly! Not exactly "fly" per se, but they can reach some pretty serious jumps... even if they were accidental.

It all started earlier this week, when a man from Barrie, Ontario launched his Tesla Model S straight over a set of train tracks. It's said that the jump reached over 100 feet in length, so we can agree that Tesla's are now considered indestructable.

Security cameras were able to capture the entire moment on tape. You'll really be at a loss for words once you see the car skyrocket through the air and land out of frame. Bystanders quickly rush towards the car afterwards to help the passengers, who luckily did not suffer serious injuries.

In all seriousness, this was a super dangerous situation. The man driving the Tesla was accompanied by a passenger. The car is said to have lost control and crashed into a tree on the parking lot of a school after the jump, putting his life and others in real danger.

The driver was arrested at the scene that evening and is now facing criminal charges for reckless driving. He'll be appearing in court next month to face the consequences of trying to look like a James Bond character in a furturistic vehicle.

The lesson here is to not attempt launching your cars in the air by any means, also that Tesla's are definitely the car of the future.


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