Canadian Employers Reveal The Main Reason They Threw Out Your CV

One in three candidates are removed following a reference check.

Looking for a job is difficult, despite it being a job seeker's market in Canada right now. Learning to polish a CV, do your research, and market yourself to your potential employer is difficult. There are many pitfalls to avoid when looking for a job, some of which you might have never been aware of before.

Take references as an example. According to a recent survey by Accountemps, one in three candidates are removed from consideration by employers after checking their references.

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TL;DR A recent has found one in three candidates are removed from consideration by employers after checking their references. This highlights the importance of preparing good references when you are on the job hunt. 

The survey, conducted amongst over 600 senior managers in companies with more than 20 employees, offers great insight into what the job search is like on the employer's side, and what candidates can do to make their candidatures stand out.

Accountemps found that almost one third (32%) of candidatures were removed from consideration once the employers had chatted with the references listed on that candidate's CV.

According to the survey, when employers call up the references you've noted, they are mainly looking for information about your strength and weaknesses. 41% of empoyers surveyed listed this as the most important information they hoped to receive.

Potential employers also sought more information on the description of your past responsibilities and duties, as well as confirmation of job title and the dates you worked at that job.

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This makes clear that candidates must prepare good references well in advance of the submission of their candidacy. Choose references that know you well and have a favourable impression of you.

If you jot someone down as a reference, make sure to let your referree know that they might be getting a call, and remind them of your main accomplishments during the time you spent working with them. Don't forget to thank your referrees after!