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Canadian Home Turned Into Tim Hortons Overnight

Quite possibly the coolest thing ever.
Canadian Home Turned Into Tim Hortons Overnight

How amazing would it be if a Tim Hortons randomly sprung up in your neighborhood, with a nearby house magically transformed into the iconic coffee shop, giving you coffee and donuts only blocks away? Really amazing is the answer, and for one Canadian neighborhood, that hypothetical situation is an amazing reality.

In Oakridge, a Calgary neighborhood, a plain old house was transformed from a residence into full-on Tim Hortons restaurant, quite literally overnight, reports CTV.

Neighborhood residents were shocked, surprised, and incredibly pleased by the pop-up Tim Hortons shop which opened this morning, doling out free coffee and sweet-filled gift bags to all living nearby.





— Alison Farrell (@farrell_alison) September 23, 2014

Not just for funsies, the house was made into a temporary Tim Hortons as part of a hiring campaign, as TH needs to hire over 2, 000 people in Calgray and Alberta. The pop-up Tims, which will close today at noon, will hopefully spread some TH awareness and get people to apply to work at nearby locations in Calgary and Alberta.

Let's hope this is the first step in making residential Tim Hortons locations a thing, because no one wants to live in that dilapidated house across the road (every neighborhood has one), so why not make it a Tim Hortons? A few blocks to coffee every morning would make for a truly suburban paradise.

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