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Canadian Inventor Builds The Ultimate Beer Pong Table

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Canadian Inventor Builds The Ultimate Beer Pong Table

Beer pong, the classic beer drinking game that has been played since the dawn of time. Legend has it, a caveman named Gorak bet his buddy Steve that if he could throw a ball of petrified mammoth crap into his glass, Steve would have to drink it with the turd inside. Gorak made the shot and just like that, beer pong was invented.

The concept is simple, throw a ping pong ball in your opponent's cup and he has to drink it. Of course the game gets harder and harder as you gradually get drunker and eventually it gets hard to focus.

This is especially true if you're playing on the table invented by these Canadian geniuses because focusing on the game itself will be virtually impossible. That's because the table has been packed with hundreds of LEDs to make it not only the most beautiful, but also the most entertainingly functional beer pong table on the planet.

These aren't just display lights either, they can actually detect when a cup has been placed on top of them and change colors accordingly. The table also has a number of gorgeous programmable light shows and even a high tech ball washing system. That's right, as if this table wasn't awesome enough, you can dip your ball in water and then you drop it into the dyer system that pops the ball back out on the other side clean, dry and ready to toss.

The project has already exceeded it's goal onKickstarter for their development kit but we're hoping a fully assembled version will eventually be available in stores.

Click here for the Kickstarter campaign

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