Canadian Man Boards The Wrong Plane And Flies 14-Hours In The Wrong Direction

Major fail.
Canadian Man Boards The Wrong Plane And Flies 14-Hours In The Wrong Direction

At the very top of the list of "worse travel nightmares" is getting on the wrong bus, train, or plane and ending up wasting time traveling to a place that is miles away from your intended destination.  I can just feel my stomach drop thinking about it.

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This very thing happened to a Winnipeg man who was attempting to fly out to the Arctic for work as an adventure and wildlife photographer and filmmaker.

He was in Yellow Knife and scheduled to fly to Inuvik in the North West Territories- which should only be a short 2-hour flight. 

Somehow, the man accidentally got on a flight to Iqaluit! Iqaluit is the capital city of the Canadian territory of Nunavut and is WAY on the other side of the country. In the end, he was 3,000 kilometers east of his intended destination.

And the flight to Iqaluit wasn't short, he ended up being in the air for 14-hours.

I bet you're asking - how is this possible? How can you get on the wrong flight? 

It was just a case of classic poor communication. 

In the small airport in Yellow knife, there were three planes on the tarmac simultaneously waiting to be boarded at the same gate. His ticket and boarding pass we're verified, and he was expecting to be instructed to physically board one of the planes.  At one point, the crowd of people began to move to board one of the aircraft, so he just followed the group. 

According to a source, he apparently had a funny feeling that he may be on the wrong flight and even asked the flight attendant if this was the flight to Inuvik.  The flight attended thought he was making a joke and she also jokingly replied: "yeah eventually."  She had no idea that this was a serious inquiry.

We aim to please! Since you're buds with our crew and Captain, you're friends with the entire First Air family too! We expect a holiday party invite of course!

August 13, 2018

In the end, this Canadian man chose to roll with the punches instead of getting angry and the airline and its crew.

He and the flight attendant became "buds" and ended up having a great 14-hours long flight together over the Canadian Arctic. 


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