Canadian Man Created A Racoon Sanctuary In His Backyard (VIDEO)

Calls himself the "Racoon Whisperer."
Canadian Man Created A Racoon Sanctuary In His Backyard (VIDEO)

A retired RCMP officer in Nova Scotia has undertaken an offbeat but super touching retirement project: he takes care of the wild raccoons in his area.

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His extensive property includes 4-acres of woodland and a river where the raccoons can live and roam free. They are SO cute!

The Raccoon Whisperer makes sure to keep the raccoons plump and happy by feeding them regularly and documenting all of this interaction on the very cute and funny Youtube channel. 

He informs his viewers of his videos that the raccoons need to get all fattened up for the winter or else they'll just starve to death and die. Also, that the raccoons have never shown any aggression to him or his neighbors.

Another "aww" worthy piece of information: the Racoon Whisperer makes sure to treat them for fleas and ticks and deworming medicine and also sends any severely injured individuals to the Hope for Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for animals.

This is apparently not cheap for him, however, keeping up this raccoon sanctuary was the wish of his late wife before she passed. Many people have donated food to him and his little pets, and he even has tourists from the U.S come to visit and support him.

Check out just one of the many videos he has posted below.  Some videos even have over 100K views!

You can subscribe to the Youtube Channel by clicking HERE!

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