Canadian Man Named David Assman Wants His Last Name On A Vanity Plate But The Government Says It's Too "Offensive"

It's pronounced OSS-man
Canadian Man Named David Assman Wants His Last Name On A Vanity Plate But The Government Says It's Too "Offensive"

A Canadian man has had his personalised vanity plate request rejected by the province of Saskatchewan. David Assman wanted to have a vanity plate which read "ASSMAN."

The Saskatonian, who is a railroad worker, had his license plate rejected on the grounds that his last name is “offensive, suggestive, or not in good taste,” reports the National Post.

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TL;DR David Assman will not have his vanity plate request accepted, because his last name is considered to be an offensive term. "Assman" is one of many words on the banned list for license plates. Assman states that he is disappointed, but not surprised, with the result of his request.

The National Post asked Saskatoon authorities about their vetting process for new license plates. The Saskatchewan Government Insurance states that they err on the side of caution, and will reject any license plate that infringes even slightly on the religious, the obscene, or the political.

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Saskatchewan Government Insurance spokesman Tyler McMurchy stated that even potentially suggestive names are not allowed because their true meaning would not be clear to other drivers.

Mr. Assman disagrees, telling the National Post that the government is too concerned about offending other people.

This is not the first time that Mr. Assman has had this particular problem. He applied for the same license plate in the 1990s, but it was also rejected then for being profane.

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Assman is not as uncommon a name as you might think. The National Post found 23 Canadian Assmans, 10 of which are Saskatonians.

However, "Assman" still appears on the list of rejected license plate names by the Saskatchewan government, along with "0PIUM," "0SEX," "BUTT," "HEYG0D," "CLAP," "MILKME" and so many more. You can scroll through the list below for more rejected license plates:

Full list of rejected sloga... by on Scribd


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