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Canadian Man Pulls Out Raccoon During Brutal Fist Fight At McDonald's

You just brought a knife to a raccoon fight! .
Canadian Man Pulls Out Raccoon During Brutal Fist Fight At McDonald's

There's an old video that's been resurfacing around the internet today, and we simply HAD to share it with you.

There’s ratchet, like getting into a WWE-style brawl in a McDonald’s on a Friday night.  And then there’s is-this-even-real ratchet, a status only afforded to a select few, like the guy who busts out a baby racoon at a WWE-style brawl in a McDonald’s.

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Yes, that did happen, and in Ottawa, no less.

A video of a massive fight that broke out at a Mcdonald’s on Ottawa’s Rideau Street (no clue as to why the brawl started) features something a little bit more peculiar than a brunch of bros trying to assert their fragile masculinity.

During the midst of the battle, around 38-seconds into the video, you can see an elderly gent casually whip out a baby racoon. Check it out below

Sporting a hoodie and a cigarette, the unknown person looks exactly someone who would be nestling an infant woodland creature beneath their sweater.

I didn’t know that was a “look” either, until I saw the guy bust out his raccoon friend for seemingly no reason at all.

The raccoon doesn’t get hurt, and after the initial whip-out the “owner” (whether or not this raccoon is a legitimate pet or not remains to be seen) puts his furry friend back under his shirt.

A bit of an old video (originally posted in December of 2014) the McDonald’s brawl is still newsworthy if only for the fact that more people need to know that a raccoon is not what you bring to a fight. The baby raccoon is super cute, though.

Also, can we please collectively ridicule the guy in the green-and-white striped hoodie who is basically just slapping people like a wuss around the 40-second mark. Poor fighting skills, bro.

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