Canadian Man Transforms His Smart Car Into A "Snow-Car"

As Canadians, many of us have different strategies to make it though the winter.

Some people drive pickup trucks or SUV's so they don't get stuck in snow banks, some keep a old clunker just for the winter so they don't mess up their "pretty car", but one man decided to simply "winterize" his car by replacing the tires with ATV tracks and skis. 

It's like driving a snowmobile without having to put on a snowsuit. Who needs it? You have a roof and actual heating!

Tod Anderson, a mechanic from Ottawa customize everything himself and even designed the skis. The modifications cost $7,000 and the car be reset to normal in about an hour.

Sadly, the car isn't street legal, so Ted can only drive it on private property but apparently it handles very well and can reach up to 70 km/h.