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Canadian Man Wakes To Find Bear In His Living Room

The most Canadian experience ever
Canadian Man Wakes To Find Bear In His Living Room

Canada has some pretty spectacular wildlife. The moose and bears that populate the country make for some pretty unforgetable encounters for the unsuspecting hiker.

It can be pretty terrifying to come across such huge beasts in the woods. Of course, Canada also has its fair share of tiny, lethal critters too...

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But sometimes, it seems, you don't even have to leave your house to get an up-close look at some majestic creatures.

That was the case for a man in B.C. who walked into his living room one morning this week to find a fully grown bear just hanging out.

"'Ok, this is happening,'" the man recalls thinking, totally calm, just as we all would be.(..)

With no food or garbage left exposed, the bear's motives are a complete mystery. Maybe he just wanted to say hello. He came in through an unclocked door.

He couldn't bear to stay long and fled once Hersee reopened the door which had inadvertently shut behind the visitor.

Luckily, neither Hersee nor any members of his family were injured.

The episode was yet another example of the viral potential of Canadian quirkiness mixed with unpredictable wildlife.


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