Canadian Netflix New Releases For November/December 2016

So many good things to watch during the holidays.
Canadian Netflix New Releases For November/December 2016

Netflix doesn't like to announce what movies they will be releasing in advance.

But if you know where to look, it's not too hard to figure out.

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First, Netflix is a channel like any other, so it has planned release dates for many of the series it owns.

Second, while they don't advertise them on their website, the Netflix Original series also have announced premier dates.

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And finally many of the big new releases are added to Netflix US and Netflix Canada simultaneously, so we can speculate on a few titles that may also be added on Netflix Canada.

Here's what's coming up from now until the end of December:

November 22

Mercy - Film

 November 25

Gilmore Girls - TV Series

Michael Che Matters - Stand Up Comedy Special

3% - TV Series

December 2

Pacific Heat - TV Series

Fauda: Season 1 - TV Series

Hip Hop Evolution: Season 1 - TV Series

December 3

Lost & Found Music Studios: Season 2 - TV Series

December 6

Reggie Watts: Spatial - Stand Up Comedy Special

December 8

The Cuba Libre Story: Season 1 - TV Series

December 9

Fuller House: Season 2 - TV Series

Captive: Season 1 - TV Series/Documentary

Cirque du Soleil Junior – Luna Petunia: Season 1 - TV Series

Club de Cuervos: Season 1 - TV Series

Four Seasons in Havana: Season 1 - TV Series

Medici: Masters of Florence: Season 1 - TV Series

Spectral - Film

White Rabbit Project: Season 1 - TV Series

December 12

Ricardo O’Farrill - Christmas Special

December 13

Nobel: Season 1 - TV Series

December 16

Barry - Film

Call Me Francis: Season 1 - TV Series

Crazyhead: Season 1 - TV Series

No Second Chance: Season 1 - TV Series

Rats- Documentary

The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 4 - TV Series

December 20

Gabriel lglesias: I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry- Stand Up Comedy Special

Ten Percent: Season 1 - TV Series

The Break: Season 1 - TV Series

December 23

Trollhunters- Kids Series

Travelers: Season 1 - TV Series

December 25

(Speculation) Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War- Film

December 27

Chasing Cameron - TV Series

Ajin: Season 2 - TV Series

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