Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Saves Dog From Becoming Dinner Meat In Pyeongchang

The Canadian Figure Skating team took home our country's first Gold Medal of the Winter Games, but Meagan Duhamel is making headlines for something totally unrelated. 

Meagan Duhamel has used her Olympic platform to shed light on a controversial topic - the Dog Meat industry - and has taken a stand against the meat trade.

Having already rescued and adopted a pup from a dinner plate fate last year, Duhamel - who is a vegan - has just rescued her 2nd pooch from the South Korea meat trade industry and will be bringing the pup home to Canada for adoption.

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“I don’t have the luxury of keeping another dog in my small condo. As much as I would love to.” - Says Duhamel

Here's a snap oh the newly rescued pup, clearly happy for the new chance of a good, and fulfilling dog-life.

About 10 out of 12 dog meat resto joints that are open and running close to the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadiisare still serving up dogs on a platter, despite a request from the South Korean government to remove dog meat from their menus altogether.

Duhamel has partnered with the Humane Society International in their fight to ban the meat trade.

She has also joined up with Toronto-based foundation Free Korean Dogs to help encourage the public to adopt dogs and puppies at risk in South Korea

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The Olympic Games shine a global light on any hosting nation with each run of the festivities. 

Lee Yong-bae, a Pyeongchang government official states signs advertising dog meat dishes have been changed to a more neutral one, so to avoid giving "a bad impression to foreigners" during the 2018 Olympic Games.

“We’ve faced a lot of complaints from restaurant operators that we are threatening their livelihood” he added. 

This whole industry is appalling.

While I can say that sensitivity to cultural differences is so very important, this is one that I just refuse to be okay with. 

Last week, Humane Society International saved 90 puppies and dogs from a meat farm located a mere 40 minutes away from the Olympic Village! Source: Mirror UK

Dog meat is still legal to buy in the country, with more than 2 million dogs eaten in South Korea every year.

Join me in a colossal WTF moment, and click here for more information on how to get involved from donations to adoptions.