Canadian Passengers Must Now Be Compensated Up To $2,400 For Flight Bumping And Lost Baggage

Booking a vacation is always really exciting. Planning your dates, finding the cheapest flight, booking an awesome hotel and finding some awesome activities make you really look forward to your vacation days.

Because of the meticulous planning that many people do, any delays in travel can really throw you for a loop. And passengers who travel by plane are often not eligible for any compensation, despite the inconvenience that a delayed or cancelled flight can cause.

This is going to change. As of July 15, Canadians will have new rights that require compensation as much as $2,400 when airlines bump passengers from their original flights.

A press release from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), states that "some new air passenger rights will finally be in place this summer." These rights include payments for bumping and lost or damaged baggage

On top of this "all communications, including tickets, from an airline will have to contain clear information on passenger rights and how to claim them."

The Tweet above reads: "A first series of AirPassenger Rights will come into effect on July 15th. CAA has been campaigning since 2015 for Canadians to get as good a protection regime as the US and Europe. It will continue its efforts in this regard."

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Other rights will be rolled out later in the year, on December 15. The CAA stated that they are disappointed that significant parts of the new code will not be put in place until later.

These significant changes include "cash compensation for delays and cancellations and the requirement that airlines seat children near their parents at no extra charge."

This is good news for anyone who uses air travel, as passengers are rarely eligible for compensation and, even when they are, are unaware of their right to claim money for delays.

Jeff Walker, CAA chief strategy officer, stated that "the package itself, while far from perfect, is a solid advance for consumers. We will have uniform, accessible rules for all travellers instead of a patchwork of policies carriers wrote themselves, and largely keep out of sight."

To summarize: Passengers on planes will soon be able to claim compensation for flight delays, flight bumping and a host of other things. Airlines will also have to make clear what passengers can claim and when.

You can read the full press release from the CAA here!