Canadian Passport Ranked #6 Best To Have In The World

You'll never guess who #1 is.

Yesterday I noticed that a new ranking came out for the world's most powerful passports. I was really excited because I figured we would, without a doubt top the list.

I mean, it's Canada. The country whose main stereotype is that we're nice. A country so liked, that travelers sew our flag on their backpacks so people don't bother them. If there's one passport that gets you access pretty much anywhere in the world, it's a Canadian one right?


It's actually Germany. For more than a decade, the British immigration and citizenship firm Henley & Partners have been ranking countries according to the travel freedom their citizens have. Certain countries have travel restrictions so the list ranks each country by the number of other countries their citizens are allowed to travel to visa-free.

Here are the best passports to have in the world: 

1. Germany

Access to 177 countries.

2. Sweden

Access to 176 countries.

3. Finland - France - Italy - Spain - United Kingdom

Access to 175 countries.

4. Belgium - Denmark - Netherlands - United States

Access to 174 countries.

5. Austria - Japan - Singapore

Access to 173 countries.

6. Canada - Ireland - South Korea - Luxembourg - Norway - Portugal - Switzerland

Access to 172 countries.

7. Greece - New Zealand

Access to 171 countries.

8. Australia

Access to 169 countries.

9. Malta

Access to 168 countries.

10. Hungary - Czech Republic - Iceland

Access to 167 countries.


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