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Canadian Photographer Catches Amazing Fight Between Two Wildcats (Video)

A mating brawl in our majestic backyard.
Canadian Photographer Catches Amazing Fight Between Two Wildcats (Video)

Springtime is here and bringing lots of rain and warm, gloomy weather to wash away all the remnants of the last 5 months of winter. 

We also get treated to lots of photos and posts about all the springtime animal babies around Canada from wildlife, to the zoo, and sometimes in our own yards. 

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Via Famous Amos Photography

Before those cute baby animals come forth, the springtime "heat" is on. 

One photographer out of Alberta managed to catch a chance encounter on film when two Lynx got into a bit of brawl during their mating rituals. 

Amos Wiebe, a hobby photographer, was driving down a road near Grande Prairie, AB, on the 21st and caught some movement in the trees. He was out looking for owls to shoot on his camera. 

What he ended up seeing was something much different from the majestic owl. 

Two lynxes chased each other up a tree, he slammed on his breaks and (bravely) went in a bit closer to check it out. What ensued after he managed to catch on film.

On the video, the two lynx can be heard screaming at deathly wail at each other as they duke it out in the trees above Wiebe. Clearly, the animals are in heat... 'tis the season, after all. 

"All of a sudden I heard screaming behind me and then two more lynx came running right about seven to 10 feet behind me," Wiebe said.

"I had two cans of bear spray and pulled the valves just for safety reasons. They just went running right by me. And the one cruises right back up the tree and starts chasing her again. She's just swinging and screaming, it was pretty wild."

Via Famous Amos Photography

We have a majestic playground right in our backyard here in Canada, and this chance encounter really shows that off. 

Amos Wiebe did not go into detail as to where exactly he found these two lynx, because the video is now going viral and he doesn't want the area to be disturbed by many on-lookers, which is admirable. 

You can go and follow his photography page on Facebook, though, as I'm sure there will be more cool nature stuff to follow for Wiebe. 

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