Canadian Plus Sized Model Flaunts Her Cancer Scars

Cancer fighter Elly Mayday is on a journey to change the generalized view of women. After a hysterectomy at the age of 25 and going through months of chemotherapy, the gorgeous plus sized pin up model is flaunting, instead of hiding.

The Canadian is battling an unusual case of ovarian cancer. Yet, with a bald head and surgery scars, the fighter continues to model and do what she loves. For the last year, Mayday has been the spokeswoman for Forever Young Lingerie, a Vancouver based undergarment company that offers sizes from B cups all the way to K cups.

"Elly is awesome and fun and bubbly and light-hearted and doesn't take anything super seriously, and she is an incredibly hard worker."Sonya Jenkins, co-founder of Forever Yours Lingerie, told

Mayday explains that lingerie modeling isn't all about big breasts, arched backs and flat stomachs. It's about showing others how real women appear underneath their clothes.

In her first photo shoot back from treatment, Mayday dyed her hair green to represent ovarian cancer awareness.

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