Canadian Police Admit To Spying On You Through Your Phone

Time to delete your search histories!
Canadian Police Admit To Spying On You Through Your Phone

Okay, so the jury is still out on whether the FBI really is spying on us through our webcams, but we have some real proof that the police is spying on us!

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By using a cellphone data-capturing device known as an IMSI catcher (international mobile subscriber identity), Canadian police can access your data, eavesdrop on your calls and even jam the service.

Of course, they're claiming that they've only been used to investigate crimes, but that's not really the point! 

The reason these devices are so controversial is because they don't discriminate between which phones they scan, meaning that your phone and all your information is fair game. 

Using cell phone towers, they just scan everything nearby as a form of mass surveillance. It's incredibly intrusive and invasive!

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The police straight up denied it in 2015 when they told the Star: “We do not use the Stingray technology and do not have one of the units”. But recently, it came out that they actually have 100% been using this software.

They were asked why they didn't step up and correct themselves, to which they just said: "We should have". Yeah, you really should have!