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Canadian Police Are Trying To Stop Marijuana Legalization

Because of course they are.
Canadian Police Are Trying To Stop Marijuana Legalization

High-ranking members of Canadian police forces want the Trudeau government to delay marijuana legalization. 

Representatives from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police told the House of Commons health committee that there is a “zero chance” police officers in Canada will be able to effectively regulate the new legal framework for marijuana by next year, reports the Huffington Post

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Joined by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Saskatoon Police Service, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police said more time is needed to train officers on the new laws that are set to come into effect by July 2018. 

The police associations said they would need anywhere from six months to a year after July 2018 to be fully prepared for legalized marijuana in Canada. 

If not, black market marijuana sales and organized crime will “flourish,” said an OPP deputy. 

Officials from the police organizations also aren’t too happy with the federal government’s plan to allow Canadians to grow their own marijuana. 

Under the proposed framework, citizens will be able to grow and cultivate up to 4 plants in one residence. But if this happens, says the police officials, it will be incredibly hard to regulate and give underage kids the chance to get their hands on marijuana. 

Whether or not that’s true can’t really be proved. 

Police forces aren’t the only ones who want to push marijuana legalization back. Premiers told the federal government they want to postpone legalization, too. 

Fortunately for all of us, the Trudeau government hasn’t swayed on their July 2018 legalization-date. It seems unlikely that they will, but if more pressure is put on them, the government could give in. 

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