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Canadian Police Officers Shot Each Other Over A Mysterious Argument

It looks like the relationship between the two was a bit complicated.
Canadian Police Officers Shot Each Other Over A Mysterious Argument

It's not a secret that cops tend to work together to bring down those who break the law. If you're Canadian, you have most definitely seen a bunch of police officers hanging out together at a Tim Hortons numerous times. They all just seem to be really good pals.

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TL;DR After a questionable altercation between two police officers in the Niagara region, once officer was rushed to hospital after being shot by the other. The relationship between the two is unknown as well as what led to the argument. The officer is in stable condition while receiving hospital treatment.

Obviously it's great to be friends with the people you work with, but what if it was the complete opposite? If you had quite a bone to pick with one of your co-workers? Well, normally this would just translate to reporting them to HR or stealing their lunch in the office fridge. 

But if you're a police officer, things could escalate a little more than that.

A Niagara Regional Police officer was sent to hospital yesterday afternoon after being critically shot. It just so happens that the shooter was a fellow officer. Needless to say, it looks like the relationship between them is on the rocks.

It's unknown if both officers shot their weapons, although it's been confirmed that an altercation took place between the two that lead to the dangerous standoff.

Although no arrests have been made yet, 11 investigators have been assigned to the case to determine how any argument could get so heated that it would lead to an actual shooting.

Luckily, the officer that had been shot is in stable condition, although he remains in hospital. We can only imagine what the two police officers had said to each other for an argument to escalate to this point.

Stay tuned for more information as investigations continue.


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