Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Why He Will Never Smoke Marijuana Again

Trudeau made an appearance on the popular talk show Tout le monde en parle a few months back where he made the claim that he would never smoke marijuana again. He explains that he's never been interested in smoking, but also confirms he has smoked before it was legal in the country.

Many people have joked since he first proposed legalization that he was so adamant on bringing pot to the market due to his own desire to light up, but according to a recent interview it seems like quite the opposite.

The Prime Minister went into detail on his own relationship to cannabis.

Our Prime Minister even confirmed that he had smoked weed before it was made legal (which hardly makes him unique), but that it took place quite a few years ago.

Trudeau explained on the show that he won't be taking part in smoking ever again. Why? Well, he says he doesn't plan on it in the future because it's never really been something he's interested in.

That's not to say he isn't super pleased with how cannabis legalization is going so far, because he definitely is.

He even says he predicts crime will decrease across the country now that people can easily access the drug across the country.

It's pretty interesting to have a prime minister so supportive of cannabis, let alone be a former user himself!

Stay tuned for more updates on Canada's legal cannabis in the future.