All Canadian Provinces Ranked From Least Healthy To Most Healthy

Some provinces are healthier than others.

Some Canadians are healthier than others!

And not just because of their diet and lifestyle, but because of the province in which they live.

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10. Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador has, by far, one of the worst health snapshots in the country.

It reports high rates of death by cancer and heart disease.

It also has an alarming rate of infant mortality.

9. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

It also scores poorly on infant mortality and life expectancy.

The province fares considerably better in such areas as death by cancer and heart disease.

8. Manitoba

Manitoba has the highest rates of infant mortality in Canada.

It also has a high rate of deaths due to cancer and low levels of life expectancy.

7. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has an extremely high rate of cancer deaths.

It also has high levels of infant mortality and low levels of life expectancy.

6. New Brunswick

New Bruswick has high rates of diabetes deaths.

It also has an alarming rate of death by suicide.

5. Prince Edward Island

PEI scores well on mental health, with the second highest suicide rate in the country. Hardly surprising for such a pretty province.

However, the province has high rates of death by cancer, heart disease, and lung disease.

4. Alberta

Alberta ranks high on rates of death due to cancer. In fact, it comes second to BC in this area.

Its worst ranking is in the area of death by heart disease and stroke.

Perhaps unsurprising for a province that prides itself on a red meat lifestyle.

It also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country.

3. Quebec

For a province with a high rate of smokers and complaints about the healthcare system, Quebec does surprisingly well.

Also, considering the high rate of cigarettes consumed by Quebecers, the province has a surprisingly low rate of death by heart disease.

That said, the high cigarette rate shows up in the cancer statistics. The province has relatively higher rates of death by cancer in comparison with other diseases.

Hardly surprising that a majority of these deaths are by lung cancer. Quebec has the third highest rate of death by lung cancer in Canada.

2. Ontario

Ontario has the lowest suicide rates in Canada, an indication of good mental health throughout the province. In fact, the overall mental health picture in Ontario is considered among the best in the country.

Ontario also has low rates of death by cancer, heart disease, and lung disease.

A potential area of weakness for Ontario is the diabetes death rate. Although the statistics are not drastic, the province does not perform as well in this area as it does in the others.

1. British Columbia

BC is Canada's healthiest province. It reports extremely low rates of death by cancer, nervous system diseases, lung disease, and heart disease.

It also has the lowest rate of diabetes in Canada.

In fact, the overall state of health in BC is so good, it's compared to that of entire countries such as Switzerland and Sweden.