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Canadian Racists Are Assaulting Muslims In The Wake Of The Toronto Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

Just disgusting.
Canadian Racists Are Assaulting Muslims In The Wake Of The Toronto Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

Canada is not immune to racist incidents.

While Canadian officials and citizens, alike, like to self-define against racist policy, vitriol, and history in the United States, Canada still has its problems.

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That much has become particularly clear in the last few weeks.

After a lone gunman killed three people, including himself, on Danforth Street in Toronto, people across the country have engaged in critical debates about Canadian gun and mental health policies.

Some people, however, have isolated the shooter's Muslim identity as a justification for white nationalist and other racist rhetoric.

Unfotunately, incidents of belligerent racism have been on the rise in the aftermath of the shooting, according to the National Post. On several occassions caught on video, racist Canadians have berated and assaulted Muslim citizens.

In this video, a white man tells a Muslim man at a bus stop that he should be able to "kick [his] face in" and repeatedly uses homophobic slurs:

In this video from Toronto, an aggressive white man repeatedly questions a Muslim family about their origins before threatening to kill a Muslim man:

Of course, the vast majority of similar incidents are not caught on camera, and many go unreported. The National Post also states that the National Council of Canadian Muslims has noted almost three times more racist confrontations since that Danforth shooting than there were in the previous two months.

Canadians should remain vigilant and tolerate neither such acts of aggression nor the smaller acts of racism that occur every day. If you feel safe, confront the racism you encounter. If you fear for the safety of others or feel a situation is escalating, call the police.


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