Canadian Student Invents "Tattoo Removal Cream"

Fix your mistakes in one simple step.

Photo cred -@thefatjewish

Alec Falkenham is a PhD student from Halifax who is developing a revolutionary tattoo removal method. His medical work involved targeting specific heart cells which made him realize that the same concept could be used to target cells that contain tattoo ink. According to an article by Global News Alec has developed a cream that could eventually be used as an alternative to laser tattoo removal by penetrating the skin and killing the tattooed cells while leaving the other cells intact.

One of the problems with the traditional laser tattoo removal technique is the fact that it destroys the skin. That's because the laser heats the skin pigment which causes blisters and sometimes scars. Another problem is the high cost, laser removal can cost up to 500$ per square inch and the results aren't guaranteed. The cream would cost only  a few cents per square inch so even you required 100 sessions to completely get rid of your tattoo, you'd still be saving a ton of money.

Considering that 1 in 10 Canadians who have a tattoo regret getting it done, (and from the monstrosities we've seen, those stats should be a lot higher) we're sure this cream will be a huge hit. Imagine getting blackout drunk and waking up with a tattoo of you ex's name. No need to panic just put some cream on that aberration and it'll clear up by the end of the week. Now if only they made a cream to get rid of all your bad decisions.