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Canadian Tim Hortons VS American Tim Hortons

Let's not 'sugar coat' it.
Canadian Tim Hortons VS American Tim Hortons

This morning a photo popped up on Reddit and at first it didn't seems like much, just 2 Tim Hortons iced coffees side by side. 

Then I read the caption and it all made sense. This is why Americans are fatter.  

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Let me explain. This woman was driving from Canada to the United States when she decided to buy a small ice coffee. Then after she crossed the border she placed the exact same order at an american Tim Hortons and got a cup nearly twice the size!

"Got a small iced coffee from Tim Hortons in Canada, then crossed into the US and placed the same order..."

It just goes to show you how hard it is NOT to be fat when you live in America.

You can't even order small formats! You automatically get handed a large. My only question is, what does a large look like? Is it juts a big gulp full of coffee?!

And just at the color of the American one, it's so much lighter than the Canadian one, which means most of that extra liquid isn't even coffee it's cream!

It may just be one example, but it makes me realize how much easier it would be for me to become fat if I lived in America. 

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