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Canadian University Degrees That Will Make You Super Successful

It's not what you'd think.
Canadian University Degrees That Will Make You Super Successful

If you want a job after you get out of university, go into a business management program. That’s what everyone seems to think (especially management students) but new findings show that isn’t quite the case. 

Students seeking real job security after graduation should neglect a management degree and go into engineering or information technology. 

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The strong recommendation comes from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Education At A Glance 2017 report, an analysis of educational and economic trends across 35 countries. 

Business, administration, and law, are the most popular career-paths for students, with about 1-in-4 students choosing to get a degree in one of those fields. 

In Canada, 29% of university students are in an administration, business or law program. 

That’s a huge difference between the 11% of Canadian university students taking some sort of engineering degree. 

But it’s the engineering, computer science and IT industry that have all the jobs. 

The report found that students graduating with a degree in one of aformentioned fields have the highest employment rates. 

Don’t blame yourself if you’re already knee-deep into a management degree, it might not be your fault. Universities may not offer, or really make students aware of the “fields of study that promise the greatest labour-market opportunities,” said the OECD in a written statement quoted by the Toronto Star

The statement has some truth to it. Getting a degree in business management or administration is, like already mentioned, said to be the “smart” thing to do, since you’re supposed to be better prepared to enter the workforce and land a gig. 

In Canada, and around the world, that isn’t the case. So trade in your management suit-and-tie for some engineering or computer science faculty sweatpants, you’ll be more comfortable and make more money in the long run. 

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