Scorpion Found Inside A Woman's Home In Canada

It gave birth to 20 babies 🦂
Scorpion Found Inside A Woman's Home In Canada

Many of us like to bring things back from our trips abroad. Souvenirs like jewellery, clothing, and other trinkets are just a few things that leave a country in a tourist's suitcase.

High up on the list of things we don't want to bring home from a trip: a pregnant scorpion. This nightmare is exactly what happened to a woman in Vancouver.

After a trip back from Cuba the woman discovered a giant, scorpion in her home in B.C. The scorpion has since given birth to 20 tiny scorpions.

According to Global News, the scorpion was found in a woman's home after a trip to Cuba. The B.C. woman captured the scorpion alive and gave it over to the Victoria Bug Zoo.

Initially, the scorpion was identified as a deadly species, but this was later corrected. The scorpion, named Gail in honour of the woman who found her is, in fact, a Cuban species, Heteroctenus Garridoi.

As it turns out, the scorpion was pregnant with dozens of little scorpion babies.

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In a video shared by the zoo, playfully captioned as "an update on the Cuban undocumented migrant and its anchor babies," an expert with the Victoria Bug Zoo stated that the scorpion "has miraculously given birth to... 20 wonderfully fat little babies"

Photos show the scorpion with her tiny nightmare babies clinging to her back like little parasites.

Though I have a hard time sharing the bug experts' enthusiasm for the creature, I will admit that a backpack made of tiny scorpions is pretty metal.

The zoo hopes that Gail will be able to raise the scorpions on her own.

Once they are old enough, they will be separated from their mother, in case she decides that she wants to eat them.


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