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Canadian Woman Gets Her Finger Ripped Off Going Down A Waterslide

The water park attendants never told her to take off her rings.
Canadian Woman Gets Her Finger Ripped Off Going Down A Waterslide

You've probably been to a water park at least once in your life. The main attraction, of course, is always the tallest waterslide you can find. You climb to the top and you typically get a few minutes of enjoyment before you reach the bottom. But what if a simple run down a waterslide turned into a disastrous, horror-movie-like event?

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Well, that's unfortunately the situation that a Canadian woman faced earlier this month when she was going down a waterslide in the West Edmonton Mall water park.

It was her granddaughter's birthday party, Claire Clark and the rest of her family were celebrating at the water park when she decided to go down one of the waterslides, this particular one is known as the "corkscrew".

One thing thing to note is that Claire was wearing a lot of rings. The workers at the top of the slide knew she was wearing jewelry and didn't advise or request she take them of whatsoever. Massive mistake.

As she began to go down the slide, Claire grabbed onto the mesh and foam padding you usually find at the top of a waterslide before you even go down. She was going to push herself down, until her ring got caught in the mesh.

That was when (and this does get a bit graphic) the skin on her ring finger was completely ripped off at the first knuckle. Nothing was left except for the bone of her finger.

Claire had no choice but to continue down the waterslide, keeping her hand clenched tightly and out of the water as she went down. All the while in complete and utter shock. She seeked helped immediately after the ride on the nightmarish slide was over.

Once making it to a hospital, Claire was told they would be unable to save her finger and it would have to be amputated.

Claire says the one thing she warns people is to always take your jewelry off before you go down a slide. She's upset that the workers at the park had said nothing to her about her rings, because if they did then this day at the water park turn nightmare may have never happened.


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