Canadian Woman Who Was Bound And Gagged By Her Employer Just Lost In Court

She's received unspeakable abuse from her boss and co-workers for the last decade.
Canadian Woman Who Was Bound And Gagged By Her Employer Just Lost In Court

You've probably had a job at least once in your life that you completely dreaded going to. Your co-workers/boss may have constantly bullied and teased you, making your experience downright uncomfortable. Most of us were lucky enough to be able to quit that job and get far away from that situation. For DeAnn Fitzpatrick, she's still trapped in a workplace that could possibly be the worst you've ever heard of.

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It all started about a decade ago when Newfoundlander DeAnn Fitzpatrick was a witness to a female co-worker's verbal harassment at her fishery job in Scotland. After trying to seek help for the woman, she was officially declared a whistleblower by all of her male co-workers.

Since then, her experience in her workplace has only gotten more unbearable. One instance in particular had Fitzpatrick literally tied up to a chair and gagged by her employer. He took photos of her, helpless and visibly crying in fear.

Not only that, but from 2015 to 2017 she would receive abusive greeting cards from co-workers. The cards would call her things such as an "old troll" as well as other derogatory slurs that would make anyone feel attacked and afraid for their well-being.

So, Fitzpatrick did what anyone else would do, she took the harassment case to court. You probably have no doubt that she should win a claim as bad as this, but it turns out the U.K. tribunal that judged the claim didn't think it was a valid case to press charges with.

Although there was some progress in addressing that the human resources team could have done more during the situation, the Scottish government doesn't request that co-workers must testify what they witnessed in court. So, Fitzpatrick really has no one on her side.

Since then, Fitzpatrick's family back in Canada have said she is doing worse than ever before. Her mental health has declined so quickly because of the situation that she's actually reached out to a company that provides assisted suicide to terminally ill people. 

There's still some hope for the situation, as the investigation is still open and updates on it's standing should come by the end of the month.

For now, the family of DeAnn Fitzpatrick say they are more worried for her health and safety now than ever before. Since her entire family is in Canada, she's completely alone in Scotland while she deals with the unbelievably toxic workplace that seems to never escape her.


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