Canadian Woman Wins Lottery, Spends Entire Fortune On Mansion For Pet Cat

The woman has taken up occupation of a quaint guest house next door to the mansion.
Canadian Woman Wins Lottery, Spends Entire Fortune On Mansion For Pet Cat

Another lottery winner has come forward over the weekend to claim the jackpot. With no winning ticket (or no one announcing they're a winner) the public was starting to feel concern over what would happen to perfectly good money.

Fear not, people. As a Canadian woman has proven she's the owner of millions of dollars, meaning it definitely won't be put to waste now.

In fact, she's already made quite a few purchases. Although she did win a pretty hefty sum, she does know that money eventually runs out... right?

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TL;DR A Canadian woman has recently come forward to claim her lottery ticket is the winner. After only a short time as a multi-millionaire, the woman has chosen to spend her dollars on her feline companion, who is now the owner of a larger-than-life mansion. The woman has chosen to live a more "quaint" lifestyle herself. More below.

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So, what has this Canadian woman spent much of her winnings on? Well, it looks like she used the extra money to give her loyal companion the good life. In case you were wondering, I'm not talking about a human companion. Think smaller, and furrier.

Yes, her cat.

In reality, if you won the lottery, you'd probably spend a bit to spoil your four-legged friend, but this has gone to a new extreme. According to sources, the new lottery winner has already dropped the majority of her winnings on accessories and items on her feline.

Among these new "toys" includes a multi-million dollar mansion which includes 7 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms (equipped with state-of-the-art litter boxes, of course), 4 separate rooms dedicated to complex cat trees, hundreds of acres dedicated to outdoor leisure time for the pet, and more.

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When asked what the woman has purchased for herself with the money, she proudly showed off her significantly smaller guest house located next door to the mansion. 

We have seen celebrities provide overwhelmingly for their pets in the past, but should this pet cat really be one of the richest people (or animals) in the country right now?

As of now, it's been confirmed that the woman has very little of her winnings left. On another note, her cat is said to have no complaints.

Disclaimer: This article is an April Fool's Joke - It is meant for Satirical purposes only. 

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