Canadian Woman's Terminal Cancer In Remission Thanks To Experimental Vaccine

Lots of health treatments do work, but are not available in Canada.
Canadian Woman's Terminal Cancer In Remission Thanks To Experimental Vaccine

A Canadian woman from Regina, SK. was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was given one year to live. 

Judy Bryden received the diagnosis in 2016, and decided to take things internationally were cancer treatments are not the same as those offered in Canada.

Bryden travelled to Cuba last year to receive treatment for her lung cancer and picked up several doses of the CIMAvax EGF vaccine to bring home. 

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Developed for non-small cell lung cancer, the vaccine can be used to treat 85% of all lung cancers today. 

Judy Bryden reported that after taking the vaccine for several months, a recent scan found no more cancer in her lungs! This is monumental! 

“When they told me I had a year to live, I said I was going to prove them wrong,” Bryden told CTV Regina. “I didn't know how, but I was going to prove them wrong.”

A Regina woman wants to spread the word about a vaccine she received in Cuba that has seemingly kept her alive -

March 14, 2018

Bryden underwent five radiation treatments and chemotherapy which failed to achieve anything for her. It was her husband, Lorne Bryden, who learned about CIMAvax while researching other treatment methods online. 

CIMAvax works by triggering the patient's immune system to produce antibodies to fight a protein connected to the growth and multiplication of cancer cells. 

CIMAvax was found to be "very safe" for long-term administration, according to a study by Clinical Cancer Research. 

Health Canada claims that the vaccine is not available here because no application has been submitted for its approval. They do not actively solicit new drug submissions. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had approved a clinical trial of CIMAvax in 2016. They expect up to 90 patients for the trial, which will last 3 years. 

CubaHeal facilitates medical tourism and patient care in Cuba and helped the Brydens arrange their trip. 

The cost of the CIMAvax treatment will cost a pretty penny. A year's worth of injections and the trip cost ran the Bryden's almost $14,500. 

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