Canadian Zoo Is Being Charged After Taking A Bear To The Drive Through For Ice Cream

Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail Alberta posted a video back in January 2018 of one of their bears named Berkley, leaning out a car window being hand fed by an employee of a local Dairy Queen. 

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So far we've learned that bears like ice cream. But also, and more importantly, the act of taking the bear outside of the zoo without notifying the province is in total violation of the zoo's permit. 

The zoo has been charged with alleged failure of the park to notify the provincial government prior to the bear leaving the zoo.

Also, bear experts who have seen the footage claim that it's disrespectful and irresponsible to bring a wild animal out in public like that.

As a result, Discovery Wildlife Park and its owners are required to appear in Red Deer provincial court on May 28. 

They are being charged on two counts, one is related to the bear being taken through the drive-thru for ice cream, while the other is to the bear has left the facility other times without back in 2017. Seems like this has happened more than once.

The zoo's permit has now been revised to impose new conditions. 

Although you have the admit, the picture is very cute, bringing a bear out into public without proper supervision or transport equipment could result in some potentially dangerous accidents, or Dairy Queen' 2012 bear-themed TV commercial could have actually become reality. Doubt they would have been as friendly, though.