Canadians Abroad Keep Getting Sick With The Same Mysterious Illness And No One Knows What It Is

Are they actually being targeted with a dangerous virus?
Canadians Abroad Keep Getting Sick With The Same Mysterious Illness And No One Knows What It Is

Typically when travelling out of country, especially in a foreign country, you try your best to avoid catching any local illness. We go to the doctor to get vaccinations, ensure our drinking water is safe and refuse to let our guard down on health precautions.

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TL;DR 13 Canadian diplomats in Cuba have been confirmed to have contracted a mysterious illness. While they receive treatment, there's no official word on what the virus actually is. A teleconference is being held today to release more information and the Canadians have been granted permission to return home.

Well, all of that preparedness didn't seem to help the 13 confirmed cases of Canadian diplomats suddenly falling ill while in Cuba.

Posted to the Canadian Embassy in Havana, the diplomats as well as their dependants have come down with an unknown illness with symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and trouble concentrating. 

As of now, no one has a clue what could be causing the mysterious sickness in so many people, all of them coincidentally hailing from Canada. Luckily, the department of Global Affairs is allowing any personal who have fallen ill to return to Canada immediately.

The most recent confirmed illness is also being treated right now, so scientists should eventually be able to identify what continues to cause this sudden ailment.

The government is holding a teleconference today with more details on the investigation. One looming question is if the sickness is only being contracted by Canadians due to their lack of immunity against more common infections in Central and South America. 

Another possibility to be considered is whether or not out-of-country diploments are being targeted with a mysterious virus.

As of now, the answer is unknown. Stay tuned for more information.


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