Canadians Are Calling Out This TD Job Posting For Being Super "Racist"

Canada is among the most socially progressive countries in the world.

It was the first to legalize same-gender and same-sex marriage, provides a wide range of social services and protection to its citizens, and strives to ensure equal opportunity for all.

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Though, of course, Canada can still improve in some areas. Namely: the way it treats its indigenous people, who, despite a long history of structural violence at the hands of the Canadian government, are still culturally thriving.

That's why regulations exist to allow companies to give indigenous people priority in a hiring process. Such laws are important and necessary.

A TD Bank branch in Ottawa recently undertook such an effort, posting this ad on

Via TD Bank

The link takes job searchers to another third-party website,, which requires that applicants must identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit and asks that they only demonstrate "an interest in banking."

TD Bank did not immediately respond for comment or immediately confirm the validity of this ad.

Via TD

One Reddit user noticed the ad and posted it on a subreddit known as MetaCanada with the title "TD job posting based soley on race. Is this legal?"

The post has since attracted hundreds of "up votes" and comments from agitated Canadians accusing TD of "discriminating against white people."

The comments calling out perceived "racism" are actually pretty racist themselves.

"The whole idea or notion of racism is just a tool to bludgeon white people it will never be applied to give us an advantage," wrote one user, incorrectly.

"Can we open a can of Notwithstanding Clause on that racist BS?" asked another.

The comments are pretty remarkable for their misinformation, racism, and contempt.

Some even appear threatening.

Others, however, have criticized TD for appearing only to want a "token hire," or to fill a position only to use that person as an example of the company's diversity despite that employee's skill.

The Reddit thread is truly stunning for its strong words. You can review it here.

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