Canadians Are Furious After The Simpsons Show A "Newfie" Clubbing A Seal

The Canadian Ralph Wiggum also danced a jig.
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Canadians Are Furious After The Simpsons Show A "Newfie" Clubbing A Seal

Last night's Simpsons episode has drawn the ire of many Canadians after a questionable scene that involved a Canadian Ralph Wiggum proclaiming that he is a "Newfie" and clubbing a seal. The episode that was set in Canada took aim at many things including Justin Trudeau and The Ottawa Senators. 

Lisa Simpsonspeaks near a group of Canadians that are holding curling brooms, saying that, "I'm sure you treat all people equally". One replies, "except the Québécois. And the Newfies. Stupid Newfies".  Then, Ralph Wiggum proclaims "I'm a Newfie!" and clubs the head off a stuffed toy seal. 

Editor of a Newfoundland newspaper, Drew Brown, said that the joke was a "low hanging fruit", according to the CBC. The term "Newfie" is considered by many to be a derogatory slur. Also, while the seal hunt is illegal in Newfoundland, provincial officials have long defended the historical practice. 

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TL;DR The Simpsons are taking some heat after last night's episode depicted a Canadian Ralph Wiggum proclaiming that he's a "Newfie" while clubbing a stuffed toy seal. A lot of Canadians negatively reacted to this episode but some are just annoyed that The Simpsons made such an easy joke.

Here's the clip that people are upset about:

People have naturally taken to Twitter to pronounce their outrage. Most are less angry about the seal-clubbing and more angry about the "Newfie" line. 

People are going as far as calling out The Simpsons for racism.

Others are more upset that The Simpsons made too easy of a joke. 

Interestingly enough, many people are showing support for the episode and are telling Canadians to relax.

Some people in Newfoundland took to Twitter to tell their compatriots to take a joke. 

While others are calling out fake racist outrage on the social media network.

The Simpsons has historically been a show that is fueled by stereotypes and plays with the public's perception of them. Characters like Apu have been endlessly criticized throughout the show's history. Public outrage actually caused that character to be written out of the show.

Did The Simpsons go too far last night or do Canadians need to relax and appreciate the joke in its context? 

Of course, outrage will continue to happen no matter what. The Simpsons have survived it all, for better or for worse. 


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