Canadians Are Furious At Justin Trudeau For Approving The Trans Mountain Pipeline

The TMX extension plan comes a day after Canada declared a climate emergency.
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Canadians Are Furious At Justin Trudeau For Approving The Trans Mountain Pipeline

This morning, we brought you the news that Canada just declared a National Climate Emergency. The House of Commons passed a resolution that officially declares climate change an urgent crisis that is dangerous to all Canadians. 

For the past couple of weeks, Trudeau and his Liberal government have made clear their firm stances on their environmental commitments. Along with Monday's resolution, Canada is set to ban single-use plastics by 2021. 

However, less than a day after Canada announced a National Climate Emergency, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals announced that they would go ahead with the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline

The controversial $7.4 billion dollar project is set to begin this year and already, Canadians are furious at Justin Trudeau's decision.

Many Canadians on social media are understandably angry about this decision as they feel Trudeau is re-negging on promises made during his time as Prime Minister. 

Trudeau says that the project will help bring stable and gainful jobs that will improve Canada's middle-class. Alberta's government is especially happy about the decision because it affects them the most. 

Trudeau also says that the profits and sales accrued by the project will all go to fund sustainable energy projects that will help move Canada away from fossil fuels.

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Canadians are also concerned about the welfare of the many First Nations tribes surrounding the immediate area.

Pipelines have burst and penetrated into groundwater before, but the Prime Minister has assured local Indigenous groups that they will have a stake in the project. 

Of course, many Canadians are skeptical about the sincerity of Trudeau's promises attached to the controversial pipeline project. Some accuse of him playing a political game with the voters of Alberta, who are polling at 55% Conservative

It seems that the Prime Minister has slightly hindered his chances in the upcoming election after approving a pipeline that some experts consider dangerous.

We haven't even mentioned the potential dangers caused to B.C.'s orca population, as oil tanker traffic in the region is expected to be unprecedented. 

It seems that only time will tell whether this announcement will work out in the Prime Minister's favour. So far, it doesn't seem like it. 

For more information about the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion approval, please read this article from CBC News

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