Canadians Are Mobilizing To Demand Lower Cell And Internet Costs From Telecom Companies

Telecom companies in Canada have a bad reputation.
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Canadians Are Mobilizing To Demand Lower Cell And Internet Costs From Telecom Companies

Canadians have long complained about the high costs of cell phone and internet services. Because the market is controlled by just a few major companies, many claim, such services have become inordinately expensive and unaffordable for many people in Canada.

That's why last year the government of Canada launched a survey so that consumers could offer their perspectives "on possible misleading or aggressive telecommunications sales practices."

Now, Canadians are demanding action. A new petition launched by TekSavvy, which describes itself as a "reliable and affordable telecom [service]," asks the government to lower costs. The petition takes the form of individual e-letters that consumers can send to their members of parliament.

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TLDR: TekSavvy has drafted e-letters that Canadians can send to their MPs to demand lower prices on cell and internet services.

"The Government of Canada knows that Big Telcos take advantage. Do you deserve lower prices, more choices and better service? Tell your MP that you’re tired of overspending for internet and cell phones service and that you deserve better," TekSavvy states.

The company voices concerns and suspicions that many Canadians share.

"Big Telcos use unfair tactics to lock you in."

"Big Telcos work together to keep your bills high."

The text of the letter states as follows:

"The current system isn't working. The CRTC [Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission] needs to better serve Canadians, and put our interests first - ahead of the large telecom companies. I want and expect the CRTC to promote competition and affordability and to be held accountable for its actions."

"Otherwise, we won't have any real choice and my bills will continue to eat up more and more of my household budget."

As these Tweets demonstrate, Canadians have been complaining about high costs for at least a decade.

ARGH!!! Canada cell phone plans suck SSSOOOO badly.... I'll never be happy about it. (and you thought verizon was expensive)

April 6, 2011

Why is data/cell phone plans so expensive in Canada???

February 21, 2019

Why are mobile phone contract /monthly payments with small amounts of data so expensive in Canada? Canadians pay the highest rates in the world for cell phones. @cbcmarketplace

February 2, 2019

Canadian consumers can view and address their letter here.

Hopefully consumers' concerns are addressed promptly.


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