Canadians Are Rallying To Bash The People Who Complained About The Late-Night Amber Alert

Now we can focus on what really matters: supporting the grieving family.
Canadians Are Rallying To Bash The People Who Complained About The Late-Night Amber Alert

Early this morning, an Amber Alert was issued in an effort to find a missing 11-year old girl, who was not returned to her mother after spending the afternoon with her father. Unfortunately, the young girl was found dead. Her dad is currently in custody as a suspect.

This morning, many awoke to tweets and comments, not about the tragedy, but about how the Amber Alert had inconvenienced some people last night. Luckily, other Canadians were quick to step in and shut those people down. It is nice to be reminded that there are some good people in the world after hearing such a barbaric story.

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TL;DR People are rallying in support of the victim's family, shutting down people who complained about how the Amber Alert caused them to lose sleep last night. 

Many Facebook comments and Tweets were taken down or deleted by users. Other comments and Tweets took their place, as people started bashing those who had the audacity to complain about the Amber Alert.

Police took the time to address the complaints they received last night about the Amber Alert:

Unfortunately, our call takers received numerous calls to 9-1-1 complaining about last night's Amber Alert notification. For future reference: only call 9-1-1 if there's an emergency or if you have tips regarding an Amber Alert.

February 15, 2019

Police respond to complaints from citizens about the Amber Alert waking them up. "We’re talking about a child that was missing and in this case the child was found deceased."

February 15, 2019

A commenter on our own Facebook post put it quite well, stating, "there are plenty of people who aren't asleep by 11 and be glad you were able to go back to sleep. This child never will again."

Many are taking to Twitter to voice their anger.

The amount of Facebook posts I’ve read complaining about the Amber Alert last night is disgusting. Sorry you lost 5 mins of sleep.. someone lost their fucking daughter, forever.

February 15, 2019

Please. Wake me up. Every single time.

Text me.
Call me.
Knock on my door in the middle of the night.
Show me a picture.
If it could possibly help a missing child in some way.

That poor little girl. #amberalert

February 15, 2019

People are really disappointed by the initial reaction of many, which was to complain about how the alert affected them.

a father really killed his own 11 year old daughter and theres people complaining about how the amber alert woke them up from their sleep. the world is such a messed up place, may the little girl rest in peace

February 15, 2019

Why are people so pissed off about the Amber Alert #amberalert in Canada??
WTF..if it was your kid you wouldn't complain that you were woken up😡
Really people?????

February 15, 2019

I can’t even begin to describe how disappointing and upsetting it is to read the comments, emails and calls to our communications bureau complaining about receiving an Amber Alert late at night. I appreciate that a lot of people were sleeping but the immediate need to locate 1/2

February 15, 2019

the child outweighed the momentary inconvenience that some people encountered. Tragically this incident did not have the outcome we were all hoping for but the suspect was located as a direct result of a citizen receiving the alert and calling 9-1-1. The system works. 2/2

February 15, 2019

Now, we need to come together, reconcile and focus on what really matters: something barbaric took place last night, an event that is all parents' worst nightmare. We need to ensure that this does not happen again, and provide adequate support to the grieving mother. C'mon Canada, we're better than this.


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