Canadians Can Now Become A British Lord Or Lady For Only $42

Your historic estate awaits!
Canadians Can Now Become A British Lord Or Lady For Only $42

Have you ever considered how much more awesome you'd be if you had a cool noble title? Let's face it, you're pretty awesome already, but now you can officially be known as "Lord Awesome". It's true! Canadians can become a British Lord or Lady for only $42.

The website Lordtitles is now selling English Lordship and Ladyship title packs along with all the paperwork and a small parcel of dedicated land.

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For just $42 you can become The Lord or Lady of a ninety acre historic manorial estate located on the west shore of Coniston Water, Cumbria, England. And best of all, there are no age or nationality restrictions so Canadians can buy them too.

Via lordtitles

Each pack contains:

  • A personalised title certificate
  • A legal title deed
  • Title crest
  • Dedicated land within the estate

The plot of land includes five square feet of land by Coniston Water within the Lake District National Park.

Via lordtitles

But just to be clear, you can't exactly head over to England to build a 5 square foot shack on your new plot of land. This is a personal land dedication, which can be given as a funny original gift. It is not a legal transfer of land ownership.

If England’s not your thing, you can also become a lord, lady or laird of Scotland.  Here you have the option to choose the size of your plot of land, and you also have the right to visit your land anytime you want, with a free meet-and-greet.

Click here for more info about becoming a British Lord or Lady.

Click here for more info about becoming a Scottish Lord or Lady.

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