Canadians Absolutely Lost Their Fvcking Minds About Justin Trudeau Not Speaking English (25 Tweets)

As you probably know by now, the latest Trudeau "scandal" is all about how he refused to answer a question in English.

So now, everyone's going around yelling about how they're offended, how Trudeau is an asshole, etc..

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I for one thought it was extremely entertaining, which is why I was glued to my twitter feed this morning watching all the angry tweets roll-in. So I decided to set some of the angriest ones aside to share with you. Enjoy!

Trudeau's advisors on his recent speaking tour.

— PCC NDG-WESTMOUNT (@CPCNDGWest) January 18, 2017

#Trudeau demonstrating once again what an ignorant arrogant dolt he is. #NotMyPrimeMinister #cdnpoli

— Piper Bill (@Liam1947) January 18, 2017

Is Trudeau answering questions from English-speakers in French? Isn't that disrespectful? #cdnpoli #PMtour

— Michael Bednarski (@mikebednarski) January 18, 2017

@nspector4 It’s like Trudeau is trying to achieve a daily quota of verbal blunders on this tour.

— Mark O'Henly (@SeeClickFlash) January 18, 2017



— trish (@trishmcp) January 18, 2017

#Trudeau's failure to answer her #mentalhealth question in English is unacceptable! Still difficult topic to raise in big crowd! #tonedeaf

— Sen. Denise Batters (@denisebatters) January 18, 2017




— Daniela (@DanielaEspo) January 18, 2017

@GlobalEdmonton @gerrypizza @TomVernonGlobal Trudeau in front of a mirror

— Jean English (@JeaEnglish) January 14, 2017

— NicoduRetour (@nicoduretour) January 18, 2017

I am pretty sure that Mr. Trudeau is inserting his foot deeper English=English Ans French=French and #honeymoonisover

— Corey Manning (@Coreym76) January 18, 2017

— RéSean (@ReSeanRussell) January 18, 2017

@magiclove9813 Je ne cherche plus à comprendre Trudeau. Y a rien à comprendre. C'est un amateur, un naif, un déconnecté.

— Pierre D. Larochelle (@plaroch) January 18, 2017

— #CutCBC (@CUTtheCBC) January 18, 2017

@CBCAlerts Too little too late. Trudeau has belittled and discounted English speaking Quebecers.

— Gary Penrose (@July41942) January 18, 2017


— Exploring 4NRG (@AB_CutRock) January 18, 2017

I think we can agree that Justin Trudeau is one haughty individual. Answering English questions in French is the ultimate haughtiness.

— Charlene Desrochers (@char_lawyer) January 18, 2017

— ASKBiblitz (@LeoBiblitz) January 18, 2017

Trudeau was rude & insensitive by refusing 2 answer questions in English at town hall in #Sherbrooke @PnPCBC #Quebec #cdnpoli @CTVMontreal

— Greg Brown (@gcbrown1956) January 18, 2017

— STARBAE (@threespeedgirl) January 18, 2017