Canadians Paid $215,000 For Justin Trudeau To Vacation In The Bahamas

That's A LOT of YOUR money.
Canadians Paid $215,000 For Justin Trudeau To Vacation In The Bahamas

Oh Justin Trudeau, you can do no wrong in the eyes of so many Canadians.

That is, until you start spending taxpayer dollars on luxurious vacations to the Bahamas, because there’s no doubt us lowly, average Canadians are going to be miffed about that. 

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Unfortunately, that’s exactly what are handsome Prime Minister done, taking a trip to Bell Island in the Bahamas.
And it cost Canadians quite a bit of cash. 

According to documents obtained by CBC, gained via an access to information request, the Prime Minister’s vacation to the Bahamas cost $215,398. 

Yes, Canadian taxpayers effectively paid $215,398 for Trudeau and his family to soak up the sun. 

An impressively high figure for any vacation, the final cost is exceeds what was originally thought. 

The trip was only supposed to cost $127,187. 

And apparently, the Prime Minister didn’t even stay for the whole trip. Who knows how much more expensive it would have been if he did. 

To be fair to Trudeau, the extraordinarily high price for the vacation may not be all his fault. Trudeau wasn’t drinking mojitos though gold-plated straws (we hope) and the $215,000 price tag was probably due to security procedures. 

If a Prime Minister travels, they need to go by a government aircraft and have a posse of RCMP officers standing by on security duty. Paying for a squad of officers doesn’t come cheap, and so a vacation for the Prime Minister’s always costs more than one we would take. 

Trudeau is already being investigated for his lavish vacation-life, with an ethics committee already looking into a trip to the Bahamas the Prime Minister took during the previous holiday season. 

That trip was supposed to cost $71,988, reports CBC, but ended up with a final receipt of $153,504.

On both accounts Trudeau was visiting the private island of Aga Khan, a wealthy philanthropist and leader to Ismaili Muslims.

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