Canadians Smoke Weed As Much As They Drink Wine

A government report reveals.
Canadians Smoke Weed As Much As They Drink Wine

Canadians spent nearly as much money on marijuana as they did on wine in 2015 according to a Statistics Canada report released Monday. 

The report, titled “Experimental Estimates of Cannabis Consumption in Canada, 1960 to 2015,” estimated the amount of marijuana consumption on a national level in order to create a predictive framework for Canada’s marijuana industry ahead of next summer, when marijuana is set to be legalized. 

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A pure estimation (the report admits that the level of actual consumption could be half or double what was recorded) the data shows that 4.9 million Canadians smoked (or ate) 698 tons of marijuana in 2015. 

At a price of $7.14 to $8.84 a gram, Canadians spent about $6.2 billion on cannabis that year. 

In comparison to other controlled substances, the marijuana market would be about one half to two-thirds the size of Canada’s $9.2 billion beer market. 

Or, about roughly the same size as Canada’s $7 billion wine market. 

Again, these numbers may not be wholly accurate, as StatsCan openly says in the report that “ refinements can be made to improve the estimates in the future.” 

Still, the StatsCan report demonstrates what a huge money-maker marijuana will be after legalization. Canadians are already spending as much on weed as they do wine, and that number will likely only increase once marijuana is available at a government-approved storefront. 

But, as all true Canadians already know, it's not a question of whether to buy weed or buy wine. It's which strain to pair with which bottle, because you're obviously buying both. 

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